South Wales Hosting

Hi, we want to host directly with you.

We're sorry but you can't. We only sell web space to a small number of carefully chosen design houses for them to use for their clients. We do not sell web space to the general public.

Why not?

We think quality is more important than quantity. The designers we lease to all design using current Web Standards. If you don't know why this is a good thing read here or here.

But we'd rather pay you direct than pay our designers.

You can't. Please, no penny pinching. As the psychologist Jagger once wrote, "You can't always get what you want…"

But we think they mark up the price.

They probably do. More often than not designers will end up 'hand-holding' a client who does not understand the intricacies of bandwidth, ftp, domain name servers, A records, MX records etc. Clients who don't know (or don't want to know) how these things affect their web service. The designer's job often starts long before any design commences - registering domains, transferring sites - and then goes on long after the site goes live, "We need another email address, another ftp account..." etc.

If you're a needy client you probably need to pay a little more.

We've seen hosting for £25 a year with 'unlimited' bandwidth, why are we paying our designers much more?

We've no idea - go for it - give it a try.

We don't try to compete on price. We can't. However we do feel that we can compete on service to our designers. They can pick up the phone and talk directly to us - most problems are normally sorted within a couple of hours, more often minutes.

But if you do go for the cheap option and your site experiences a problem, think… Your designer has to submit a help ticket, wait to receive an answer, then hopefully a solution to the problem - which could be sorted by Friday. So don't berate them if your site is unavailable.

We're changing our designer - cousin Joey is cheaper.

That's fine - we close accounts on the first day of the month. This means that you can have up t0 4 weeks to find and set up a web hosting account elsewhere.

We want to contact you directly.

Again you can't. You're not our client. Your contract is with your designer, please contact them.

Our designers use you as our web hosts.

Well we hope you're very happy. You're in good company, rubbing shoulders with international rock stars, a grandmother, illustrators, photographers and at least one multi-millionaire.

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